Governmental agencies can create hurdles for clients, both in terms of initial licensing, permitting, and gaining access to approvals, and also in regulatory compliance. Whether the challenge involves interpreting legislation, engaging in the rule-making process, navigating regulatory compliance, or preparing for and attending administrative hearings, the attorneys at Van Ness Law Firm are prepared to provide knowledgeable counsel and advocacy.

Specifically, Van Ness Law Firm provides the following services related to administrative hearings and appeals:

  • Adjudicatory hearings before the Division of Administrative Hearings, including permit or license challenges, enforcement defense, rule challenges, and/or bid protests
  • Emergency proceedings involving permit or license revocation
  • Hearings before state agency boards and commissions
  • Appeals of final agency decisions to district courts of appeal
  • Formal and informal hearings before local governmental bodies, including zoning and enforcement boards
  • Certiorari proceeding in circuit court to challenge the decisions of local governmental bodies


J. Anthony Van Ness

Morgan L. Weinstein

Mariela S. Bloom


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