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Van Ness Law Firm regularly prosecutes and defends appellate actions throughout the State of Florida. This portion of our practice includes representation in all five district courts of appeal and the Florida Supreme Court. We routinely appear in front of the courts for oral argument.

Van Ness Law Firm appeared at oral argument in front of the Second District Court of Appeal on March 13, 2019 in Deutsche Bank v. Hopson. The trial court had granted attorney’s fees in favor of the borrower following a judgment in favor of defendant at trial. The trial court found that there were no endorsements on the note and that the assignment of mortgage was not necessarily valid. Plaintiff filed a motion for rehearing on the fees issue due to the fact the trial court had previously found a lack of a relationship between the plaintiff and both the note and mortgage. The trial court agreed that fees should not have been awarded. Hopson appealed.

The borrower argued Madl, a case in which no valid transfer of the note occurred but a valid assignment of mortgage was made. The borrower also filed the Florida Supreme Court opinion inGlass prior to oral argument. Our firm argued that Madl goes against the literal language in the statute governing fees. Our firm also argued that the exception in Madl does not apply because there was no evidence of a valid transfer of the mortgage and such a transfer was required by the court in Madl. Further, our firm argued that Glass only applies in circumstances in which there is no determination on the merits that a party lacks a relationship to the relevant contracts.

The panel questioned the parties regarding matters outside the briefing. Judge Lucas was interested in questioning whether a mortgage is a contract. Judge Silberman wanted to know how a defendant in a case such as this could possibly get fees. And there was inquiry as to the meaning of the wording of the trial court’s order. On this latter inquiry, we made sure to remind the court that the trial court’s order was one that the borrower’s counsel had drafted, themselves.

An opinion will follow when the Court elects to issue one. Van Ness Law Firm will continue to advocate on behalf of its clients at each level of the Florida courts.